From the beginning, in 2006, the respect for quality has been the leading concept in our activity, a fact that is reflected in the fast and growing acceptation that “Ultra Tech” Hormonal Specialties has gained locally and internationally.

This founding principle has led us to develop a vast line of specific products with a well earned prestige among professionals and amateurs athletes. Many of these products are innovative in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

We have applied this Philosophy and attitude in developing a line of Solid and injectable hormones, designed to focus on permanent growth and progress of athletes. The company has gathered a team of remarkable physicians and pharmacists with the ambition of create formulas directed to results optimization.

This is how, today, we are offering to all athletes in more than 11 countries an exclusive line of androgenic therapy, which was carefully under the strictest clinical tests.


To be a firs line Lab in the National and International Pharmaceutical Market focused on optimizing results as well as caring about the athlete’s health.


To produce and commercialize for the local and the global market, products of our design, capable of reaching the highest quality measurements, providing a fulfilling service for the costumer, a positive response to a market need, as well as allowing the company growth.

Quality policy

The direction, trough the following text, makes an official statement to his clients and employees.

“With the only purpose of reaching our vision and fulfilling our mission, Ultra Tech implements the following quality policy”

1- To provide products and services that satisfies the costumer´s needs, making us worthy of their trust. This concept must prevail in all of our employees, because the wellbeing of our costumers lies on it.

2-To build conscience and give incentive to improve to all of the employees of Ultra Tech in order to reaching the best result.

3-Establish the development of Quality Management in the company according to good practices of manufacture.

4-Take special care in having, during the whole process, a suitable workforce with a full knowledge of the assigned tasks in order to respond to the customer needs and, first of all, respect at maximum de Quality.



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