From the beginning, in 2006, the respect for quality has been the leading concept in our activity, a fact that is reflected in the fast and growing acceptation that “Ultra Tech” Hormonal Specialties has gained locally and internationally.

This founding principle has led us to develop a vast line of specific products with a well earned prestige among professionals and amateurs athletes. Many of these products are innovative in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

We have applied this Philosophy and attitude in developing a line of Solid and injectable hormones, designed to focus on permanent growth and progress of athletes. The company has gathered a team of remarkable physicians and pharmacists with the ambition of create formulas directed to results optimization.

This is how, today, we are offering to all athletes in more than 11 countries an exclusive line of androgenic therapy, which was carefully under the strictest clinical tests.

Our vision is to be recognized for being part of a select group of pharmaceutical laboratories dedicated to the production and marketing of hormonal products that meet the highest national and international quality standards. Likewise, as part of our vision, we chose to accompany change and innovation in the field. That is why we join new product alternatives from different families of drugs (SARMs) and we also join the environmental commitment that the world requires today, reducing the amount of non-environmentally friendly materials in our packaging to an indispensable minimum.

Produce and market for the local and global market, self-developed products capable of achieving the highest quality measures. Providing a satisfactory service and meeting customer expectations in order to achieve a positive response from the market about our products, allowing the growth and expansion of the company throughout the region. That is why we focus on strengthening quality in each and every one of the processes that surround the company’s activity. We have GMP Standards (Good Manufacturing Practices) that constitute a Quality Guarantee referring to the manufacturing processes of medicines that cover processes from the treatment of raw materials, packaging material, skills and abilities of the staff, infrastructure, equipment among others. other conditions under which a drug is manufactured.

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